Basics for savings

Learn the basics of personal savings and how to use compound interest in your favor. Over a longer time period personal savings can provide you with a very nice steady stream of additional income.

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One of the most common questions regarding personal savings is the sense behind collecting interest rates on a regular basis. During these harsh times, will and determination can become weaker, since most of the people struggle how to balance their time and money. A logical question appears, can personal savings be profitable?

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There are several different banking products of personal savings available in Croatia. Depending on the desired type of fixed-term saving and availability of funds, you can generally choose your preferred savings model between on-term, term, rent or open savings.

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Interest rate is the most important single element when you want to choose a personal savings product. The most common types of personal savings carry either a fixed or variable interest rate. The amount of interest rates depends on several factors such as the amount of deposit, time period and current market state.


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