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Main database on personal savings in Croatia

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Personal savings overview
Take a look at the available current Croatian market interest rates for personal savings. Including the most common currencies such as Croatian kuna, Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc and Australian dollar. Personal savings calculator is also available.
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Basics for savings
Learn the basics of personal savings and how to use compound interest in your favor. Over a longer time period personal savings can provide you with a very nice steady stream of additional income, ensuring your financial freedom.
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Bank information
Find out specific information on banks which are present at the Croatian financial market, learn about their products, owners and historical development. Article database includes all banking related corporate information as well.
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Business corner
Interesting news from the world of corporate banking, entrepreneurship and economy related with personal savings. Other similar topics such as cluster development, investment projects, business savings methods are also included.
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Bank locations
Locate the nearest Croatian bank with favourable interest rates and learn how to contact them. Our database contains all the major cities in Croatia. By clicking on the links you can easily find additional bank information and resources.
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Housing savings
Purchasing your own home can be quite tricky investment without a decent loan. Government incented housing savings system is the main instrument for younger people to achieve their goals by providing them with favourable loans.

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With volatile stock markets and unstable economies, the least you can do for your money is to invest wisely. In the search for higher returns, Croatian banking system stands out quite well among the European competition. Almost all the banks are more than sufficiently capitalized and constantly under close observation from the Croatian National Bank.

Our database contains short summaries for more than thirty banks, with basic information available under segment "Bank information". You can compare current interest rates in banking industry through a series of interactive tables. The data is available for Croatian Kuna (HRK), euro (EUR), American dollar (USD), the Swiss franc (CHF) and Australian dollar (AUD).

Every table is updated several times per week and can be found under the segment "Interest rates". In order to find out which of the banks are located near you, we implemented a bank lists for major cities. Search desired banks through our segment "Croatian bank list". Most of the banks offer savings for non-residents, but we recommend checking with the bank of choice before the final decision.

Savings options

From the perspective of personal finance, personal savings is considered a low-risk preservation of money, mostly over one's deposit account. Unlike high risk investment, putting money aside in a bank or making a pension plan is a prudent way to ensure the safety of your assets. Most common savings are on-demand savings, term deposit and rent savings.

On-term savings keeps your money is available to you at any given moment, but as a result provides the lowest interest rates.

Term deposit is intended for all who want to save for a certain time period. After the term deposit expires, along with the return of funds, a corresponding interest rate is also guaranteed. Should you choose not withdraw your funds, most banks renew the term deposit for the same duration and in accordance to the terms and conditions valid on the day of term deposit expiry.

Rent savings enables you during your term deposit to regularly collect interest at specific times during the term deposit. It is usually in HRK or foreign currencies and with an interest payment dynamic of your choice.


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